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It has been reported that a man has been arrested after he failed a roadside drugs test.

However, the most distressing issue that he was drug driving with kids in the car at the time.

The driver, Ryan Proctor, was pulled over by the police as they noticed the kids were not wearing seat belts.

Proctor was then given a swab test by the police which showed that he had cocaine in his system.

He was then arrested and taken to the police station where he refused to give a blood sample for further analysis for drug driving.

He was then charged with failing to provide a specimen.

He later pleaded guilty to that offence at Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard that: “Officers observed him driving a vehicle full of occupants including two small children in the rear who weren’t restrained with seat belts and that was why he was stopped. Officers performed a roadside swab-swipe for the presence of drugs and it came back positive for cocaine and he was arrested and taken to the police station.”

Following representation to the Magistrates, the case was adjourned for sentence as they required a pre sentence report.


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