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Whatever the motoring offence you have committed, we have a team of specialist solicitors on hand to help defend you against your charge / the charges you face.

It is vital that you get the right support before attending court to ensure you make the right decisions, as the consequence of a driving conviction can be completely life changing.

Defending a charge is a complex and complicated procedure.  It is also a complex and lengthy procedure to prosecute a case against you. You will be attending a criminal court and therefore it is imperative that the police have followed the correct procedure during your arrest.  We will vigorously scrutinise this process to look for any errors that may have occurred that could throw the reliability of the evidence into question.  A specialist team will be able to ascertain if procedure was followed.

We offer FREE initial advice on your circumstances with a direct member of our highly experienced team to give you clear advice on your options.


Don’t leave your licence or freedom to chance. We specialise in giving you the best possible chance of success, whether that be saving your licence or dramatically reducing your sentence. We fight for you.

Your driving licence is probably the most important document you have that you take for granted every day. That is until it is taken away from you through drink driving.

It is a complex and in-depth area of law and one that requires specialist advice.

In March 2015, the Government introduced two new ways to be prosecuted for drug driving offences. Driving whilst unfit through drink and drugs; Driving with excess (over the specified limit) drugs.

Not all drug driving cases will be regarding illegal drugs, a vast amount will include people on prescription drugs.

Not providing a specimen or it not being one that can be properly tested can result in a prosecution. The law has made it clear that it will not allow drink driving cases to be frustrated on the basis that someone has not given an evidential sample.

There may be a reasonable excuse for failing to provide a specimen for analysis meaning a charge will not always lead to a conviction.

Speeding offences are the most common form of road traffic offence, with over 40,000 people a year summoned to court.

If you have been caught speeding the minimum sentence you can expect is £100 fine and 3 penalty points on your licence, in more serious cases you can be disqualified altogether.

If you have accumulated 12 or more points on your licence over the period of 3 years, you risk being banned from driving for a period of 12 months or more.

This not only has an adverse effect on your life but can, once the ban is over, make it impossible to secure car insurance.

Being Drunk In charge of a motor vehicle.

In 1925, it became a driving offence to be in charge of a motor propelled vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol.

A motorist can unintentionally end up in this position for a number of reasons

Careless driving, also known as driving without due care and attention, means that the standard of driving is below the standard expected by a competent and careful driver.

Dangerous driving is any driving that is deemed to be far below the standard expected by a competent and careful driver.

It is possible after having had a ban to ask for your licence to be re-instated earlier to the court that disqualified you.

We help numerous clients prove that they should be allowed their driving licence reinstated and navigate the pitfalls of dealing with CPS who almost certainly will oppose any application.

Any driver, regardless of fault, involved in a road traffic accident that has caused injury or damage has a duty to stop and remain at the scene, and to provide information.

Even if you stop at the accident but still do not provide details when asked, can be deemed to be failing to stop.

Driving whilst disqualified (DVLA code BA10) is a serious offence. If stopped you won’t get a telling off and dropped back home by a friendly Bobby. You’ll be arrested, placed in a cell and receive a summons to appear in court.

We can advise you of the laws and penalties of driving without a licence and the action you need to take.

Guilty plea

DON’T plead guilty until you let us look at your case. See how we can help you avoid a ban or significantly reduce your sentence.

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Did you fail to give a sample?  Concerned you have to plead guilty? Tell us about your case and we will review it and let you know

Not Guilty Plea

The police must prove to the court that you are guilty of the offence for which you have been charged. This must be proved beyond reasonable doubt. See how we have helped our clients defend their plea.

“I was extremely satisfied with the advice received. All the options and consequences were explained to me in detail, as was the court process. I was satisfied with the outcome of mt case and would recommend Millars Solicitors to anyone in the future.”

Mr IR - Publican | Drink Driving - July 2018

“I was very satisfied and appreciated the honesty about the case and chances of success. All the options and court procedures were clearly explained to me. I would recommend Millars Solicitors.”

Mr N - Railway Contractor | Speeding / Totting Up - February 2018

“I was very satisfied with the advice I received. All the options and court procedures were explained to me. I would recommend Millars Solicitors to others in the future.”

Michael - Marine And Helicopter Co-Ordinator | Drink Driving - March 2018

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Keep my Driving Licence is part of Millars Solicitors who are a specialist firm of road traffic and drink driving solicitors who represent motorists all over the country.

Formed by Carl Millar, Millars Solicitors has adopted his dogged tenacity and exacting technical understanding of motoring law. Before starting Millars Solicitors, Carl has been employed as the Head of Department at some of the most high profile Motoring Law Firms in the country. He is a member of the Society of Motoring Lawyers and has an enviable nationwide reputation for the results he gets for his clients.

Through representing a wide range of people you will find Carl and his team very approachable and never judgemental. Their advice is straightforward and will leave no stone unturned in pursuing all available defences in presenting your case.

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