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*Based on results from Jan 2018. 

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Our specialist team of speeding solicitors have years of experience successfully defending speeding cases.  Call our team today for free initial advice on 0800 999 5535 or submit your case and we will call you back

Speeding Offence

Speeding offences are the most common form of road traffic offence, with over 40,000 people a year summoned to court.

If you have been caught speeding the minimum sentence you can expect is £100 fine and 3 penalty points on your licence, in more serious cases you can be disqualified altogether.

While most speeding cases are settled by way of a Fixed Penalty Notice, it is your prerogative if you want to ignore this and attend court.  If you were speeding excessively then it may be necessary to go to court anyway.


Defending a Speeding Case

Challenging a speeding charge can be a risky strategy and can see the cost of your fine escalate.  On average, only 1 percent of speeding offences are actually challenged and of these challenges only about half are actually won. Having the right legal representation is essential when trying to secure a positive outcome.



There are many technicalities that can undermine a speeding charge. An experienced driving offence lawyer fully understands the intricacies of the process that should be followed in bringing a case to court. If this process has not been fully adhered to then this may provide an opportunity to undermine the prosecution’s case.



If this is your first offence, and you are planning on pleading guilty, the Magistrates Court will refer to the sentencing guidelines before passing out any penalty.

Speed limit (mph)Recorded speed (mph)  
Band CBand BBand A
2041 and above31 – 4021 – 30
3051 and above41 – 5031 – 40
4066 and above56 – 6541 – 55
5076 and above66 – 7551 – 65
6091 and above81 – 9061 – 80
70101 and above91 – 10071 – 90
Sentencing rangeBand C fineBand B fineBand A fine
Points/disqualificationDisqualify 7 – 56 days OR 6 pointsDisqualify 7 – 28
days OR 4 – 6 points
3 points

Speeding Fine

The majority of Band A fines will equate to half of your weekly wage. This fine could change at the court’s discretion depending on a number of factors: reducing seriousness, such as a genuine emergency or increasing seriousness, such as previous convictions.

Speeding Fine BandStarting Fine Percentage of Weekly IncomeRange
Band A fine50% of weekly income25 – 75% of weekly income
Band B fine100% of weekly income75 – 125% of weekly income
Band C fine150% of weekly income125 – 175% of weekly income


Should I drive to Court?

This depends on your plea: Yes, if you are pleading not guiltyNo, if you are to be sentenced for an offence that carries a mandatory disqualification.

Our advice is that anyone who faces the possibility of a period of disqualification, no matter how small, should not drive to Court.


The Police Officer said that if I instruct a Solicitor I can avoid a disqualification, is this true?

This can be true in a lot of cases, however, if it is your intention to plead guilty to an offence that carries a mandatory period of disqualification, then the Magistrates have no discretion not to impose a period of disqualification.


I really need my car for my job, will the Court let me keep my licence?

If you are facing a disqualification for accumulating 12 penalty points or more (‘totting up’) or facing a sentence that carries a discretionary disqualification, then it is possible to persuade the Magistrates not to disqualify you. However, if you are to be sentenced for an offence that carries a mandatory disqualification, like driving with excess alcohol for example, then these types of offences carry a mandatory disqualification and the Magistrates have no discretion. In those circumstances you will only avoid a ban if your case is successfully defended after a not guilty plea.


Do you cover cases on Legal Aid?

No. All our cases are on a private paying fixed fee basis. We will tell you what your exact fees will be before you engage us. We cover Courts throughout England and Wales. Only general Criminal Defence Solicitors (not road traffic specialists) based in an area close to where your Court case is, will have a Legal Aid Contract. You may not be eligible for Legal Aid in any event. The two tests for whether you are eligible for Legal Aid are

  1. Whether you are financially eligible
  2. Whether it is in the interest of Justice for you to receive Legal Aid for the offence that you are due to appear before the Court for. For almost all road traffic matters you will not be eligible for Legal Aid as for a lot of cases the Sentence is a financial penalty and either penalty points or a disqualification.


Will I have to say anything in Court?

Once we are instructed by you, we will advise you of the precise Court procedure. If you are pleading guilty to an offence, then you will only have to confirm your name and enter your plea. We will present the mitigation on your behalf.

If you are pleading not guilty, you may have to give evidence at your Trial, but you will be guided by Millars Solicitors.


What are my chances, can you give me a percentage?

We would not give a client their chance of success in a percentage. We would not give a client their chance of success in a percentage, as this is not realistic. We provide all clients with a comprehensive assessment of their case and we are instructed on the basis that the client has been advised of their chances of success.


Will the Police or witnesses be in Court?

If you are pleading guilty or if it is your first hearing and you are pleaded not guilty then the witnesses will not be in Court.

If your matter is listed for a Trial, then the witnesses will be in Court as the Court will want to hear what the witnesses have to say.




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