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Drink Driving Success Stories



Success – Plea and Mitigation

Our client was charged with an offence of driving with excess alcohol, he had a reading in breath of 95mg. The Sentencing Guidelines suggested that the Defendant should be sentenced to a Community Order with a period of disqualification of between 23 to 28 months.

Outcome – After mitigation was advanced, the Defendant was sentenced to a financial penalty and a period of disqualification of 12 months. The Defendant was also offered the Drink Drivers Rehabilitation Course, which would reduce his period of disqualification to 9 months.

This is the minimum sentence that can be imposed by the Magistrates.

Successful Outcome – Plea and Mitigation

Our client, MT, was charged with an offence of driving with excess alcohol, namely 62mg of alcohol in breath, and was bailed to appear before Leeds Magistrates Court.

The Sentencing Guidelines suggested a sentence of a financial penalty and period of disqualification of between 17 to 22 months. Following mitigation, the client was sentenced to a financial penalty and a period of disqualification of 12 months. The Defendant was offered the Drink Drivers Rehabilitation Course which would reduce his period of disqualification to 9 months.

The sentence imposed was the absolute minimum for an offence of driving with excess alcohol.

Success – drink driving

Our client, Mr P, was charged with an offence of driving with excess alcohol. Whilst taking instructions, one of our drink drive specialist experts at Millars Solicitors noted that there was a disparity between the 2 evidential breath samples provided at the Police Station.

The client was advised to enter a not guilty plea.

At Court, representations were made to the Crown Prosecutor in relation to the disparity to the readings. The Prosecutor recognised the error that had been made by the Police Officer at the Police Station. The Crown withdrew proceedings before the Court.

A not guilty verdict was confirmed, and the Court awarded the client a Defendants Costs Order.

The initial advice was crucial in deciding how to prepare for my court case, all the possible sentences and how best to go about preparing for my case were explained to me. It gave me peace of mind knowing that they had dealt with this scenario many times before. The main consequences of my offence were a disqualification, fine and possible retest, all of which were made clear in my initial phone calls. I would highly recommend Keep My Driving Licence part of Millars Solicitors. They gave me a peace of mind knowing that I would have someone that knows that they’re doing when representing me in a court of law. Any queries I had were responded to quickly and professionally. I would like to think that none of my friends or family end up in the same situation as me but if they do then I would recommend them this service

Mr E - Engineering Apprentice

Attempt Drink Driving - June 2018

I was extremely satisfied with the advice received. All the options and consequences were explained to me in detail, as was the court process. I was satisfied with the outcome of my case and would recommend Millars Solicitors to anyone in the future.

Mr IR - Publican

Drink Driving - July 2018

I was very satisfied with the advice and guidance provided. All the options available were discussed with me as well as consequences and practical considerations. Time was taken to talk through and explore these in some detail. I think the outcome was the best possible outcome I could have expected within the parameters of the offence. I would recommend Millars Solicitors to others in the future.

Mr S - Human Resources

Drink Driving - April 2018

I was extremely satisfied with the advice received. All the options and outcomes were explained to me honestly and transparently. Carl always answered my emails promptly, even though he was on holiday. I found Millars Solicitors to be extremely professional and highly competent in their field. I would definitely recommend Millars Solicitors to friends and family.

Ash - Field Trainer

Drink Driving - April 2018

Drug Driving Success Stories 


The advice received was knowledgable, frank and honest. There were no false hopes as to the potential outcome. All the options and court room procedure were clearly explained. our family had never attended court before, so the prospect was daunting. It would have been infinitely more stressful for James and us to attend Court and make representation on our own. It was particularly helpful to know the mitigation which could be put forward and which would be viewed favourably by the Magistrates, and equally what information would not. We felt the mitigation was a significant factor in their decision to impose the minimum disqualification. I would recommend Millars Solicitors to a friend or family member in the future.

J.F. - Drug Driving

Student - July 2017

I was very satisfied and reassured. All possibilities were explained simply. Very pleased with the aid I had and satisfied with the outcome.

JH - Student - Drug Driving

- June 2016

Speeding charge Success Stories 


Success – speeding

The Defendant instructed Millars Solicitors very late in the day, namely a day before the hearing.

Given that the prosecution papers were only received on the day of the trial, we had to peruse the documents to find any technical errors.

When consideration was given to the prosecution papers, it was noted that there was an administrative error and that the proceedings against the client had been served out of time.

Given the circumstances, the proceedings were dismissed, and the Court awarded the client a Defendants Costs Order.

Carl was professional, honest, thorough and diligent in handling my case. From our first conversation he was approachable, very knowledgeable and always gave me time if I had questions.

When I initially contacted Carl regarding my situation he was simply fantastic. Very reassuring and was able to give me a recommendation based on the conversation we had on the phone, I always felt like Carl had my best interests in mind even at this point when I was just enquiring.

I always felt I could call, email Carl at any time and he would give me time. Communication was excellent throughout, updates were great and never waiting for days for a reply.

I would highly recommend Carl and would like to thank him for helping to get such a fantastic outcome for my case.

3 Penalty Points Awarded, £280 fine plus court costs, total of £345. Did not receive a driving ban from totting up to 12 points.

Mr M - Area Sales Manager

Speeding - February 2018

The advice was professional, clearly delivered, prompt and in my best interests. From my first panicked phone call, right through the hearing, it was outstanding. carl represented me with the most comprehensive and professional approach. His knowledge of the law surrounding motoring offences is incredible and if I had to go through this experience again he would most certainly be my first phone call. I can’t recommend Millars Solicitors enough.

Mr T - Sales Representative

Speeding - February 2018

Drunk in Charge Success Stories


Drunk in charge of a motor vehicle – Another success

Our client, ST, was charged with being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle. She was located by two Police Officers who found her sat in her motor vehicle. She had a very high reading of alcohol in her system. Her defence was that there was no reasonable likelihood of her driving her motor vehicle whilst she remained over the legal limit. We thoroughly prepared our client for Trial and went through the type of questions that she may be asked by the Prosecutor (cross-examination).

Miss ST explained that she received some bad news about her ex-partner and that she was a recovering alcoholic. She explained that she was distressed and did begin drinking again but she certainly would not have driven her car. The CPS had made a Bad Character Application because she did have a previous conviction for drink driving. However, Miss ST turned this fact around and said that she would certainly have not have driven her car especially as she knew the consequences for driving with excess alcohol. She explained that she would not risk losing her ability to drive and the consequence of that would be that she would lose her job and not be able to pay her mortgage.

The legal burden of proof is that once this defence is raised of no likelihood of driving whilst over the legal limit, one must persuade the Court on the balance of probabilities that there was no likelihood of driving whilst you remain over the legal limit. The Court were persuaded and our client was acquitted and granted a Defendant’s Costs Order.

I was extremely satisfied with the advice I was given. I had never been in court previously and did not know what to expect. Carl guided me through the process, advising and gathering the relevant information for my case. I felt confident with Carl processing my case as he digested my information and talked to me about all the possible outcomes. He was clear and concise. I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome, which was totally down to Carl’s summation to the court. I would absolutely recommend Millars Solicitors to a friend or family member should they need such a service in the future. I was particularly pleased with Carl who was always available from the moment I made contact.y.

Miss CM - SRN

Drunk In Charge Of Motor Vehicle - July 2018

I was very satisfied with the advice received; everything was made very clear. Carl was excellent in sharing information. He put my mind at ease by telling me I could call him about my case, and was available up to 11pm. I was very satisfied with Millars Solicitors. They put my case forward perfectly, which resulted in me getting the best result possible. Thank you to Carl for his efforts and support with my case.

John M - Crane Operator

Drunk In Charge Of A Motor Vehicle - February 2018

I am very satisfied with the advice received. I had consulted other companies who advised that the only outcome would be that I lose my licence.

All possible outcomes were explained in detail and every step of the process was explained.I was made aware of all developments in my case throughout the process and the outcome of the case was the best available outcome possible.

I would absolutely recommend Millars Solicitors to anyone needing advice relating to driving offences. 

When I was told that I would have to appear at the magistrate’s court for the charge of drunk in charge of a motor vehicle I was unsure whether I needed legal representation but after speaking to Millars I understood that it would be a risk going it alone.

Time was taken to understand the circumstances prior to the court date and then Carl had an in-depth chat with myself on the day.

The CPS attempted to change the charge on the day of the hearing. Carl handled it all and was able to mitigate this for me. Had I been on my own I wouldn’t have known what to do, what to plead and what the chances of defending it would be.

All I would say is do not hesitate to speak to Millars solicitors and instruct them for your defence. Do not risk your driving licence.

ANON, Manager

Drunk In Charge Of Motor Vehicle - Jan 2019


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Failure to Provide Success Stories 


Failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis – Success

Our client, NH, was charged with failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis. She had provided a roadside breath test which was substantially over the legal limit of 35mg in 100ml of breath.

At Millars Solicitors we made a Section 8 Application for further disclosure. The CPS had not provided DVD evidence from the breath test room and the Custody Suite. They also failed to provide the Custody Record. Despite numerous reminders to the Crown Prosecution Service, they failed to comply with their duties of disclosure and we managed to persuade the Crown to discontinue proceedings against our client where upon she was also granted a Defendant’s Costs Order and received partial reimbursement of her fees.

Failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis – Another success.

Our client, Mr DS, was charged with failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis.

He advanced a panic attack as a reasonable excuse for not providing. As a matter of law, once this defence is raised, the Crown must disprove the defence raised beyond any reasonable doubt. In other words, the defence only needs to establish that it was POSSIBLE that the Defendant was unable to provide a specimen of breath due to having a panic attack. The Crown Prosecution Service could not prove their case beyond any reasonable doubt as the Court accepted that the reason submitted was possible. We instructed an independent Psychiatric Expert who supported the Defendants assertion. Again, a Defendant’s Costs Order was granted in the circumstances which allowed a partial reimbursement of the Defendants fee paid.

Carl and team are fantastic to deal with. Handled my case with skill, professionalism and respect. I did not feel judged. On the day of the first plea hearing, Carl made me feel at ease by explaining clearly the court process. As soon as any new information was available I was informed straight away. If you want a quality service then Millars Solicitors are the go to firm.

NH - Sales Manager

Failure To Provide A Breath Sample - July 2018

Great stuff, thanks Carl & team.

Pleased with the result as I was expecting the worst.

Thanks to Joseph, he relayed my case very eloquently and put forward all pertinent and supporting points very effectively.


Failing to provide a specimen of breath case - Jan 2019

Totting Up & Exceptional Hardship Success Stories 


Driving with excess alcohol - Defendant Acquitted

Our client, Mrs RT, was initially charged with driving with excess alcohol.

We persuaded the Crown Prosecution Service that there was no evidence of her driving the vehicle and the charge was changed to being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle.

The Defendant accepted that she was drunk in charge of a motor vehicle. The Court did have a discretion to disqualify her but instead imposed 10 penalty points. Unfortunately, the Defendant already had 3 penalty points on her driving licence and therefore faced a disqualification for a minimum period of 6 months under the ‘totting up’ provisions. Again, we managed to persuade the Court not to disqualify her as it would cause the Defendant and other Exceptional Hardship.

Based upon my experience I would have no doubts about recommending Millars Solicitors. The defence process was handled efficiently and effectively by Millars. The court was fair but challenging hence the need for good representation.

Mr W - Management Consultant - Totting Up

January 2016

Thank you and Millars Solicitors for taking hold of my case. I managed to keep my license and it wouldn’t of been possible without your help.

Mr T - Electrician - Totting Up & Exceptional Hardship

September 2016

Many thanks for the work you did in preparing my case. I much appreciated your skill during the hearing.

Mr H - Dance Instructor - Speeding & Totting Up

December 2014

Dangerous and Careless Driving  Success Stories 


Thank you so much for everything you have done. Thank God I spoke to you and it’s amazing to actually move on now. If I hear of anyone I know who has any driving offence issues I will tell them to contact you.

Mr G - Estate Agent - Failing To Stop And Report & Careless Driving

Fantastic service from the very first telephone call with Paul all the way through to a satisfactory outcome.

Paul took the time to explain everything and clearly gave all the options available to me.

He clearly explained the court procedure and spent a good amount of time the day before explaining how things would work.

I was extremely satisfied with the service received and was found not guilty.

HP - Company Director - Driving whilst using a mobile device

Early return of Licence Success Stories 


Success Story – Section 42 Application for Early Removal of Disqualification

We represented Dr L D on 19th July 2018 in respect of an application for early removal of disqualification.

Dr L D had two convictions for drink driving and she was disqualified from driving for a period of 45 months.  She was entitled to make the application, as a right, at the 2 year anniversary of the disqualification.  She accepted that she did have historical alcohol related issues.  We put together a solid application demonstrating various blood tests that she had undertaken following on from her disqualification.  We made reference to the fact the she had attended Alcoholics Anonymous groups and had taken various undertakings with her regulatory body.  The Judge was impressed by her conduct subsequent to the disqualification and was persuaded to allow the application.



About Keep my Driving Licence

Keep my Driving Licence is part of Millars Solicitors who are a specialist firm of road traffic and drink driving solicitors who represent motorists all over the country.

Formed by Carl Millar, Millars Solicitors has adopted his dogged tenacity and exacting technical understanding of motoring law. Before starting Millars Solicitors, Carl has been employed as the Head of Department at some of the most high profile Motoring Law Firms in the country. He is a member of the Society of Motoring Lawyers and has an enviable nationwide reputation for the results he gets for his clients.

Through representing a wide range of people you will find Carl and his team very approachable and never judgemental. Their advice is straightforward and will leave no stone unturned in pursuing all available defences in presenting your case.

If you have been caught drink driving you can contact Carl today on 0800 999 5535 or your can send a confidential email by clicking here. If you need to speak to a drink driving solicitor out of office hours than please call the 24 hour emergency line on 07855 806119.