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Place: Newport Magistrates Court

Offence: Driving with Excess Alcohol, reduced to being Drunk in Charge of a Motor Vehicle

Defence: No evidence of driving

Carl Millar was instructed by Mr W who was charged with driving with excess alcohol.

Mr W was charged with driving with excess alcohol and the prosecution evidence was lacking, as there did not appear to be any evidence of him driving.  He accepted that he was drunk in charge of the motor vehicle, but that he was not going to drive the vehicle.  Upon persuasion at Court, the prosecutor accepted our assertions and the offence of driving with excess alcohol was discontinued and substituted for the lesser offence of being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle.

This was of a massive benefit to Mr W as he would have faced a minimum period of disqualification of one year, and possibly up to 3 years.  In the circumstances, the Judge awarded 10 penalty points for the offence of being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle.  Naturally, Mr W was delighted with the outcome.

Another fantastic result for our client at Newport Magistrates Court!


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