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Place:Chelmsford Magistrates Court

Offence:Driving whilst Disqualified and Driving without a valid Certificate of Insurance

Defence: Mitigation

Millars Solicitors were instructed by Miss E who was very concerned about the prospect of a custodial sentence as she was driving whilst disqualified. Powerful mitigation was advanced at Court emphasising that Miss E was an unsung hero caring for her 85 year step mother, sick husband and depressed son as well as holding down a full-time job as a prison officer.  The Judge had some sympathy in the circumstances and imposed 6 penalty points for the offence of driving whilst disqualified, with no separate penalty for the driving without a valid certificate of insurance matter.  This was the least sentence that could possibly have been imposed.  Miss E was expecting that the disqualification would be extended and that a community order would be imposed, at least.  She was greatly relieved and thankful for the service provided by Millars Solicitors.


From Our Clients 

Early Return of Licence

It is possible after having had a ban to ask for your licence to be re-instated earlier to the court that disqualified you.

We help numerous clients prove that they should be allowed their driving licence reinstated and navigate the pitfalls of dealing with CPS who almost certainly will oppose any application.