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Place: Manchester City Magistrates Court

Offence: Drunk in Charge of a Motor Vehicle – Trial

Defence: No reasonable prospect of driving whilst over the legal limit

Carl Millar from Messrs Millars Solicitors was instructed by Ms M in relation to an allegation of being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle.

Ms M found herself in a position whereby her work colleagues had gone home and she was uncertain of how to get a taxi back to the hotel where she was staying.  Ms M was staying in a city centre that she was unfamiliar with, and did not know where any taxi ranks were.  She felt vulnerable and walked to the car park where her car was and decided to sleep in her car.

The plan was to sleep in her car and when she woke up, she was going to get some breakfast in Manchester town centre and then get a taxi back to her hotel and check out.  The Court accepted that there was no likelihood of her driving the vehicle whilst she remained over the legal limit and she was therefore found not guilty of the offence of being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle.


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