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Place: Folkestone Magistrates Court

Offence: Speeding / Totting up 12 penalty points or more

Defence: Exceptional Hardship

Messrs Millars Solicitors represented Mr B before Folkestone Magistrates Court on the aforementioned date. Mr B received 6 penalty points for driving at 100mph in a 70mph speed restriction area. At the time of the offence he already had 6 penalty points endorsed on his driving licence.

We are pleased that exceptional hardship was found in the circumstances. We had managed to obtain a letter from Mr B’s employer which summarised that a driving disqualification of six months would result in a loss of his job. This would have an impact upon his ability to pay the mortgage on his house where he lived with his wife, and his ability to care for his elderly mother.

Mr B was not disqualified from driving in the circumstances and was naturally delighted with the outcome.


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