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Place: Oxford Magistrates Court

Offence: Totting up / Exceptional Hardship

Defence: Exceptional Hardship argument

Millars Solicitors recently represented Mr H who faced disqualification for a minimum period of six months under the totting up provisions

Mr H already had 9 points on his driving licence when the matter went before the Court. He was travelling at a very high speed that could have resulted in a disqualification of 56 days for the offence alone, of travelling at 110mph in a 70mph speed restriction area.

Millars Solicitors persuaded the Court to disqualify Mr H for the offence alone of speeding whereupon he received a 25 day period of disqualification. Mr H was concerned that the Court may not find exceptional hardship in his circumstances and this was a preferred option. Naturally, Mr H was delighted with the outcome as he avoided the minimum period of disqualification under the totting up provisions of 6 months.


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