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Place: Northampton Magistrates Court

Offence: Speeding

Defence: Mitigation

Carl Millar was instructed by Mr N who faced disqualification for a minimum period of 56 days.

Mr N was travelling at 112mph in a 70mph speed restriction area. The Magistrates Court Sentencing Guidelines suggest a period of disqualification of up to 56 days where the speed is up to 110mph. Unfortunately, Mr N was literally off the scales, even in accordance with the sentencing guidelines.

Powerful mitigation was presented by Messrs Millars Solicitors about the impact of a substantial period of disqualification upon Mr N and his family.

It was advanced that it would have been difficult for Mr N to travel to work and to continue with his voluntary work with the boy scouts. Mr N found himself in the criminal justice system for the first time in his life and was entirely embarrassed. The Court recognised his remorse and limited the period of disqualification to 14 days in the circumstances. Naturally, Mr N was delighted with the outcome.


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