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We all know that the police are ever more vigilant on their drink driving campaigns at Christmas however, it has been reported that traffic officers may be targeting female drivers this year.

The news seems to come on the back of reports that women are convicted of drink driving offences more than any other.

These reports come at a time when many people are getting ready for their Christmas parties.

Drink driving figures have declined over the past few years, but the numbers of people being caught and convicted still cause the authorities a lot of concern.

It is interesting to note that out of all the convictions against women, 64% of them are for drink driving. That can be compared with 62% for men.

The research carried out by Insurance Revolution, indicated the most likely age group for women being caught drink driving is in the 45-60 year bracket.

Conversely, the likely age bracket for male drink drivers is between 25-34 years olds.

“As far as motoring offences go, drink driving is a massive concern – especially over the Christmas period,” says Mark Rigby, managing director of Insurance Revolution.

“As more and more people will be celebrating over the holiday season, we need to remind everyone that the consequences of driving under the influence might not just include a court appearance, but also death.”

In the UK, causing death by careless driving when under the influence can result in 14 years’ imprisonment, an unlimited fine, a ban from driving for two years and an extended driving test before a licence is returned.

Mark Rigby concludes: “We urge all drivers to look at other methods of transport home after work parties, pub outings and celebrations over this festive period.

“A taxi fare is definitely worth spending for that peace of mind.”

It has been further reported that police are likely to start their Christmas drink-driving campaigns during mid-November.


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