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If you’ve ever woken up after a boozy night out and wondered if you are safe to drive, well there is now a website and app to help.

If you have been driving after a night of drinking, the new online calculator claims to be able to tell you how long you should wait before driving.

The website based calculator was created by The Morning After Campaign. It lets you add wine, beer, cider, spirits and cocktails in an attempt to give you a rough idea on how long you need to wait before you are safe to drive.

The calculator is also available as a smartphone app and is designed to allow 1 hour for each unit of alcohol plus an extra hour for that unit to hit your bloodstream.

With some people wanting to shift blame and responsibility away from themselves, the calculator comes with a few necessary disclaimers: Let’s make one thing absolutely clear at the outset – this calculator is not intended to help you work out how much you can drink on a night out before driving home.

“If you are drinking any amount of alcohol on a night out – even one drink – you should leave the car at home and make alternative arrangements. The calculator won’t help you if you are arrested for drink driving.

“What it will do is enable you to calculate roughly when it will be safe for you to drive the morning after drinking alcohol. And it can help you calculate when to stop drinking alcohol if you have to drive the following morning.

“The calculator allows one hour for each unit of alcohol, plus an additional hour for the first drink to allow for the alcohol to enter the bloodstream. It then rounds up the calculation to the nearest half hour.

“The calculator bases its calculation from the time you stop, not when you start drinking. Some people say this is over-cautious, but we’d rather be safe than sorry.

“The ‘hours before driving’ calculation is not based on any drink drive limit – it is the length of time when the alcohol in the drinks you’ve consumed is likely to have passed through your body. This is when we suggest you will be ‘safe to drive’.”

So please remember that these types of websites and apps are only there for guidance and are not there to abdicate personal responsibility.


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