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A Cheltenham man who took a cocktail of drugs drove his car at “insane” speeds and then crashed into a stationary Land Rover has been spared jail at Gloucester Crown Court.

The court heard that the driver, Justin Baker had been driving his VW Golf when he took a corner at speed.

He then lost control of his car and ploughed into a stationary Land Rover, pushing it some 15 metres down the road.

In addressing the court, the prosecutor stated: “To move a heavy vehicle – an automatic that has all four wheels locked in park – gives Your Honour some idea of the force he hit the vehicle.”

Mr Baker was taken to hospital as a result of his serious injuries and was tested for drink and drugs almost 5 hours after the crash.

He was found to have “copious” amounts of drugs in his system including cannabis and cocaine. He also had 27mg of alcohol on 100ml of blood which was below the legal limit at the time of testing.

However, the prosecution submitted that owing to the time lapse form the crash to the test, Baker must have also been over the drink driving limit.

Mr Baker had spent a considerable amount of time in hospital because of injuries and was still ongoing survey and physiotherapy.

The court heard that his pain was so bad that he couldn’t undertake his work as a an electrician.

Baker pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

In sentencing the judge stated: “You drove at an insane speed due to the drugs you had taken. You may have had your reasons for taking what you did but this incident just goes to show that people who go near drugs should not go near motor vehicles.

“If someone else had been involved in the collision I have no doubt there would have been a fatality or fatalities. It matters not if it had been you, I am more concerned for others that may have been killed.”

Baker received a 12 month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months and was also disqualified from driving for 2 years.


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