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The driver, Ami Galliford who was caught drug driving, driving without a licence and driving without insurance, with 2 child passengers has had her application for an appeal against her sentence refused.

The sentence was borne out of 2 offences. The first offence was when she was caught driving with a reading of 5.3mg of cannabis per 1 litre of blood.

The second occasion occurred when she was stopped on the M5. This time she gave a reading of 3.3mg of cannabis per 1 litre of blood.

However, it is the second of the 2 occasions when she was driving with a female passenger and 2 children, both under the age of 7.


The court had heard that Ms Galliford had never held a driving licence and had a variety of previous offences, many of which were for violence.

In sentencing, Ms Galliford was given 4 weeks custody for the first offence, 6 weeks for the second and 12 weeks for breaches of earlier court orders. The sentences were to be served consecutively.

She received a total of 22 weeks in prison.


Forming part of the appeal, it was submitted that Ms Galliford had a 4 year old step son with her current partner and was finding the sentence difficult to cope with.

In his comments to the appeal, the judge stated: “This defendant has an appalling record, and has the aggravating factors of no licence and no insurance.

“She had been made the subject of a suspended sentence order for driving with undue care and attention and making off without payment.

“Within five months she was stopped driving a vehicle. She was alone, and again she had no licence or insurance. What she did have was a reading of 5.3 micrograms per litre of cannabis.

“Four weeks later she was stopped again without insurance or a licence. She had children aged seven or under and a reading of 3.3. She has been given a chance, in September and October last year and in a way given a chance in May.

“She has never held a full driving licence and has persistently driven. We see nothing wrong with the sentence of six weeks imprisonment and nothing wrong with the four weeks to be served consecutively.

“We are firmly of the view that this defendant has brought this on herself. The existing sentence will remain.”

The appeal was dismissed.


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