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A woman who was caught drink driving 3 times in 3 weeks, drove her motability car at a police officer who was trying to stop her.

The police officer had to jump out of the way for his own safety.

Appearing at Somerset Magistrates’ Court, the court heard that Jane Louise Webb had been drinking heavily since 1998 and had little regard for getting behind the wheel when drunk.

Ms Webb had been bailed twice for drink driving offences when the police tried to stop her on a third occasion.

Instead of stopping Ms Webb sped off in her motability car.

After blocking her car in, a police officer got out of his and stood in front of her.

The court heard that she revved the engine and lunged the car towards the office who jumped for his own safety.

Ms Webb was then apprehended and arrested.

When she appeared in court, Ms Webb pleaded guilty to 3 counts of drink driving.

Before sentence was passed the court heard from probation officer Joe Harper who stated: “When she drove after drinking she thought she might get away with it and does not appear to have thought much about the potential consequences.

“It is fortunate that nobody has been seriously injured as a result but she has now taken responsibility for her actions and feels very stupid about these offences.”

After being told that she had narrowly missed being sent to custody immediately, Ms Webb received an 8 week custodial sentence, suspended for 2 years. She was also ordered to undertake a 45 day Rehabilitation Requirement, as supervised by the probation service.


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