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It has been reported that 4 drink drivers who were stopped within a period of 5 hours were all over the drink drive limit.

They may not sound too unusual, however, the worrying aspect is that all the stops were made at night and all the drivers did not have their lights on.

The incidents which all commenced at around 11.40 pm, started with police being called to a pub.

The reason for the call was that a drunk couple had headed towards their car and refused to leave their keys at the pub.

As the police were at the pub a blue Ford Focus car emerged from the car park and drove onto the road, driving very slowly with no headlights on.

Police signalled the car to stop but it carried on only coming to a standstill some distance away.

On approaching the now stationary car, PC Deborah Sands told the stated: “As we approached the driver, it was immediately apparent that he was heavily intoxicated from his demeanour and the smell of alcohol coming from him.

“He was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and the female passenger was taken home. Both parties were extremely drunk and verbally abusive to officers.”

The arrested driver initially refused to give any personal details at the police station but eventually revealed that his name was Darren Johnson.

On being breathalysed at the police station he gave a reading of 97mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath. The legal limit in England and Wales being 35mg.

After pleading guilty to the offence of drink driving, he was sentenced to a 24 month disqualification and 11 hours of unpaid work.

3 further motorists were stopped for the same reason with the next 5 hours.

In light of these offences, Sergeant Phil Badman stated: “It goes without saying that being under the influence of drink or drugs can seriously impair your ability to drive. Typically, your reaction times are dramatically reduced, and the effects of your lack of judgement could easily lead to a collision.

“Worryingly, the motorists convicted in these cases were unable to operate even the most basic of facilities in their vehicles, which in turn brought them to the attention of police.

“It demonstrates that no matter how capable you think you are of driving with drink or drugs in your system, the chances are you are in no fit state to get behind the wheel.

“It also shows that we continue to stop vehicles throughout the year – not just during dedicated drink or drug-driving campaigns – for a number of reasons.

“Our advice, as always, is never to drive while under the influence. The consequences can be devastating and it’s simply not worth the risk.”


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