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Reports in The Sun newspaper have told of an unprecedented road rage incident between a cabbie and a driving instructor.

The incident captured on a passerby’s mobile phone shows a person thought to be a mini cab driver, get out of his car and approach a black Ford Fiesta.

The black Ford Fiesta was emblazoned with learner signs and the name of a driving school.

The mini cab driver is seen speaking to the driving instructor and slamming his fist on the bonnet.

The driving instructor remains in the black Ford Fiesta.

The engine of the black Ford Fiesta is highly revved and then is accelerated into the mini cab driver, who bounces off the bonnet and then underneath the car.

As the victim mini cab driver is heard to scream in pain, the driving instructor accelerates away, crossing the other side of the road and speeding towards oncoming traffic.

The video footage was taken by 43 year old mechanical engineer, Alan Cooke.

Mr Cooke stated: “I was just walking on the street and I was waiting to cross the road and the two cars stopped.

“I saw one guy get out of a learner car and star punching the other guy furiously.

“He was proper hitting him and he couldn’t move because he had his seat belt on.

“He was shouting at the guy through the window before he ran him over – I think maybe the mini-cab driver cut him up or something.

“As soon as the guy saw me filming he got back in his car and then started revving up the car and drove into the guy before he flew off down the wrong side of the road.

“He ran over his leg and his arm. It was terrifying. I have never seen road rage like that in my life.

“The guy was clutching his knee and everyone was telling him to take his shoe off because the guy had run over his leg.

“He was rolling around clutching his leg and his head, because the guy had been punching him before he ran him over.

“He was in agony on the floor. It was awful, people were screaming and trying to help him.”

The victim was attended to by passers by until the police arrived around 15 minutes later.

The mini cab driving victim is said to have suffered a broken foot, cuts and bruising.

It has been reported that a suspect was later arrested for dangerous driving and causing grievous bodily harm.


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