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Following a freedom on information request some of the worst drink driving hotspots in the country have been linked to high Eastern European populations.

The information has shown that Boston, Wisbech and Peterborough are in the top 10 worst areas for drink driving.

The drink driving conviction rate for each area since 2011 is:

Boston: 598
Peterborough: 589
Wisbech: 470

The website has noted that Boston, which is rated as second in the top 10 list, is home to highest population of Eastern European immigrants in England and Wales. Out of a population of 65,000 some 10.6% are from Eastern Europe.

Making a statement to John Siddle, of the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, stated that he was aware of the problem. He continued by confirming that around 32% of all drink drivers convicted were foreign nationals living in the Boston and South Holland areas.

AA president Edmund King has stated that these high figures maybe due to foreign nationals not being aware of British drink driving laws.

Mr King said: “We know that the drink-driving laws are very well understood by UK citizens because of having had years of campaigns at Christmas and the summer.

“East Anglia has a lot of manual workers, agricultural workers, from Eastern Europe and they are much less likely to be aware of them and so end up getting behind the wheel after too many drinks.

“The penalties are also much stricter in the UK, which deters people from drink-driving. The severity of punishment is not the same in some European countries. This is likely to be an element.”

Mr King added: “The message to all drivers, wherever they are from, is that the rules apply to you and the risk of drink-driving is not worth taking, both in relation to your own safety and that of others.”



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