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Reports are in from the US that the Navy SEAL who reportedly shot Osama Bin Laden has been arrested and charged with drink driving.

Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, was find asleep at the wheel of a car in the early hours of the morning. When police attended on him it is stated that he seemed confused and intoxicated.

O’Neill was arrested and taken to the local police station where he failed a sobriety test and then refused to take an intoxilyser examination.

A police spokesman stated that when first spoken to, O’Neill said that he had consumed 1 drink but later said that he had only taken sleeping medication.

He also said that he had just flown back in from overseas, although the police could not say which country that was.

In 2014 the Navy SEAL had spoken out as to his role in the Bin Laden operation saying that the US had not intention of capturing the Al Qaeda leader alive.


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