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West Midlands Police have reported that seven police officers have been sacked from their jobs over the past five years for drink driving.

In fact it has been revealed that there were a further two police officers stopped for drink driving with one resigning and another being given a final warning but still keeping his job.

A Freedom of Information request has shown that one of the officers stopped was more than three times of the drink driving limit at the time he was driving.

As we have reported previously, the current legal drink driving limit is 35mg of alcohol in every 100ml of breath. One of the police officers stopped blew 121mg and another blew 105mg.

It is thought that all the officers mentioned in the Freedom of Information request were driving their own cars at the time of the offence, the data showed that one sergeant blew 42mg whilst “at work”.

In the request information it was shown that a female police officer was given a final written warning after blowing 88mg and another female police officer who blew 53mg had her case dropped after the offence could not be proved.


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